Langaw, Flutters, and a Preview of Shadow Trainer

The past couple of weeks has been a busy time for me and the game development team. Releasing two games to the Google Play Store and developing one which is still in preview.

Let’s start with the preview.

Shadow Trainer

This is the result of a one-day build game concept. Graphics are in draft status and are taken from CC0 assets I found on the internet and still need to be reskinned.

Some elements (like the title) still need to be added. Adjustments to font sizes and spacing also need to be done.

This started out as a concept project for a tutorial I’m writing and was supposed to be very simple (as simple as BoxGame). It grew and grew and now I think I have about three (or more) concepts I can write about just from this one game alone.

The whole thing (up to the point in the video) was completed in about 7-man-hours. All gameplay concepts and features were (thought of and) added on the fly as I was developing it

Kinda like free-form game development.

It will be released into the Google Play Store when completed.

You can write your own games using Flame and Flutter using the tutorial series I wrote as a guide.

If you’re totally new to game development, click here for the introduction. Join my Discord server if you need help getting started.


Next up we have the very first game I published to the Google Play Store. Langaw, in our local language, means housefly.

Basically, the goal of the game is to protect a pile of trash from being consumed by an army of flies.

Because, why not, right?

When you start a game, flies appear one by one with a few seconds interval. As your score gets higher the flies appear faster.

Each fly has a callout and has a number on it. The number represents their hunger level. Once it gets down to zero (meaning they’ve eaten a good chunk of that tasty trash), you lose.

It’s also important to note that you can’t miss. You miss, you lose.

There are five different types of flies and each one has its own personality. This feature is not yet fully written into the game so you can expect an update regarding this soon.

The whole Langaw project is open-source and can be found on GitHub.

Get it on Google Play


This game was developed by impulse from the code to the graphics. I added some sound effects, background music, a little bit of polish, and published it under my game development team (with Impulse’ permission of course).

I also added a little background story to it. The goal of the game is to guide a fledgling to reach new heights by fluttering while avoiding the obstacles.

Flutters is also available on GitHub as open-source software. My forked copy is available here.

Get it on Google Play

In case you have any questions about these games, game development, or anything tech, please drop a comment below, send me a message, or talk to me on my Discord server.